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A Look at Learning in China – Chief Learning Officer, Solutions for Enterprise Productivity

by Bare Brilliance

Via Scoop.itRunning Training Like a Business

Workplace and societal learning are evolving in Asia. China is focused on both internal and external markets for learning investments.

A short and powerful read that will help you understand what is important to your Learners’ and your people in China including:

  • Certifications have a heavy focus. Having a globally recognized certification is even more impressive and greatly impacts one’s hiring and compensation prospects
  • Thriving businesses will have English level programs aimed at growing individuals’ competency
  • Mobile device penetration in cities is almost 90 percent, and people use them constantly at work. How can you use this to adapt and reach your employees learning?
  • Don’t be surprised if you review a CV and see a lot of roles…It is not unusual for a talented young person to have four jobs in two years — being headhunted away after just a few months for a higher salary
  • Using an enterprise-wide project management or collaboration system can really help drive coordination and optimisation of processes
  • Develop a program to help your people manage remotely
  • Understand and manage well the differences between pay scales globally and the requirements regarding time and intensity of work