The People Behind the Vision

Vicki Kossoff


“The world of business is undergoing a profound shift. What worked twenty years ago doesn’t work well in the social, always-on, networked world of business we now live in.

Companies need to step away from traditional business models and collaborate in new and innovative ways – especially with their customers.

After years of working in global corporations, we realised that there had to be a better way to help people learn on the job. We saw that most people learnt informally, from experience, by trying things out, mimicking what works for our peers, asking questions, making mistakes, and talking with friends.

We have responded to the business model tsunami we are all experiencing with the launch of Bare Brilliance.

Now employees, managers, customers and partners can all attend just-in-time training from a location that suits them. Our expert facilitators deliver lively, interactive programs through leading edge technology over the web. Our 60-90 minute sessions are all designed to teach participants the skills that can be applied in the workplace immediately.

And with our rapid program development methodology, we can develop courses quickly to help our customers all keep up with the rapid speed of change.

We have delivered hundreds of programs around the world for some of the world’s leading organisations. The feedback speaks for itself. Why not unleash the power of innovation for yourself now?”

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Chris Gaborit


Chris Gaborit

“Why do I love Bare Brilliance?  Imagine a world where your instructors and subject matter experts are more widely available;

Where they can be facilitating your people sitting in Shanghai, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and Sydney at the same time! And it hasn’t cost you a cent in travel or accommodation.

Where there is a team of global professionals who will work with you to make your content interactive and engaging;

Where you can see the faces of your geographically dispersed team in the training room, watch them have that “aha” moment, and hear their laughter as they shared in a workshop, knowing that this session will only take them off their tasks for 90 minutes and yet equip them with the most up to date learning available today.

Imagine a world where learning is only a click away – Bare Brilliance is your learning world!”

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