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Bare Brilliance Program Categories

Bare Brilliance is an exciting and unique learning experience. We cover the same material as our traditional training classes but in an online environment. You are able to interact with our trainers and your peers. Do you want to see a sample of a session? Click here.

Whether you are already a manager or aspire to be one, our business training programs will help you to develop your individual, management or leadership skills. Our interactive web-based programs offer the ideal opportunity to learn from a live facilitator and other participants to develop networks that are vital for success in a changing business environment. And you can easily join a session from your home or office. Click here to see how easy it is to join.

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We offer a suite of different programs to cater for all stages in your development. They include:

Graduate Programs – These programs have been designed for new graduates from school or university. They will give you the practical skills that will help you land your first job and survive your first few years of corporate life.

General Programs – A suite of soft skill programs that have been designed for you by the world’s best business trainers. Programs include Time Management, Cultural Awareness and Goal Setting.

Management Programs – Tried and tested programs that are delivered to some of the world’s leading companies. Specially designed for managers and business owners – includes programs such as Leading Through Change, Interviewing Skills and Managing Virtual Teams.

Sales and Customer Service Programs – All the essential skills you need to really go places in your career – includes Prospecting, Selling to the C-Suite and Overcoming Objections.

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