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Deloitte | Stay in Front with an Effective Sales Force

by Bare Brilliance


A multichannel environment is creating the need for a different kind of sales force.



Although a sales force still needs heroes, today’s buyers demand more. Thanks to the Internet, they now have unprecedented access to product and pricing information and can make purchases at the touch of a button. Also, they increasingly rely on virtual relationships built through social media. In this technology-driven, multichannel environment, it’s hard for traditional salespeople to define their full value.

Key elements to consider for your Organisation:

  • Economic pressure – what pressure has this put on your workforce today?
  • New techonologies – how are your Sales professionals using social media to help them stay in front of the pack?
  • Risk sensitivity – are there increased regulations putting a tighter leash on your Sales team?
  • Globalisation – have you got the right balance between local responsiveness and global control and efficiency?
  • Analytics – are you getting enough out of your data and using it in the most effective ways?