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Leadership Traits of Todays Greatest CEOs

Leadership Traits of Today’s Greatest CEOs – Infographic

by Bare Brilliance

Via Scoop.itLife in the Sharing Economy

Leadership Traits of Today’s Greatest CEOs – Infographic


A great infographic that displays the Leadership traits of these 3 Leading CEOs.  Each CEO has a very different Leadership style from the next with a competitive and innovative approach to doing business.

An interesting activity to complete for your business is to take the Business Goals that are listed for each CEO and translate these into your work and what you are trying to achieve. To walk a short mile in the shoes of these CEOs and provide an objective look at your own goals.

1) To build a multipurpose service that everyone finds useful?

What are the steps that I am employing to ensure that my service is useful? How do I evaluate this? Does my team have ideas on how my ‘product’ or ‘service’ can be adapted or strengthened to make a difference?

2) Push Cloud Technology.

Am I working smarter? In this busy world does my team have access to critical data on the move? Is my information backed up and supported so we can become a Global player? What type of Cloud Technology will make my business react quicker?

3) Engage all demographic with product?

What can I do to reach more people? Have I looked at opportunities in a different demographic? Does my product limit my customer base when a slight change may open up further doors?

4) Keep Competitive.

Know my market, who is doing what and when? Am I changing for the sake of change or to move things forward and be competitive>

5) Create products that promote beautiful skin…

What does my product promote? I would like to provide a ‘beautiful’ solution in my industry, so when viewing ‘my skin’ what do I see?