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Experience and commercial acumen count

Thousands of business executives have turned to Bare Brilliance for business management training. Whether you are looking for personal skill development or a cost effective way to train your employees, partners and/or customers; Bare Brilliance can help you generate immediate results, maximise your ROI and create long-term success for you and your business.

Our global trainers speak your language

Our facilitators are both seasoned trainers and subject-matter experts. They have personally managed and led successful teams, departments and businesses. Each has their own unique business skill set coupled with a strong understanding of business and the ability to drive great business results through people and processes. Many of them are conference keynoters, have written books and articles in their field of expertise, and have been interviewed on radio and TV. With this wealth of expertise, they are able to make the virtual classroom experience more practical and relevant to everyday business challenges. They have unparalleled Fortune 500 experience. You are taught directly by the experts who have years of business and training experience.

And as we operate around the world, we can deliver programs in most languages.

Certified virtual trainers

The experience of a Bare Brilliance live virtual training program is unlike any other.  You benefit from our highly skilled delivery teams, peer-to-peer collaboration, real-time interaction, multimedia content and a host of other strategies designed to engage you.

Successful web-based program delivery requires specialised techniques and facilitation skills. Every trainer has undergone a rigorous training assessment process to become certified as a Bare Brilliance facilitator and we assess their certification on an annual basis. Each of our trainers have a strong commitment to the theory and practice of their subject area — bringing a balance of education, consulting, and on-the-job experience to all of our trainings.

Even our programs are written by expert instructional designers

Virtual training programs must harness the unique strengths of web-based teaching platforms as a tool for learning, collaboration and communication, and avoid the unique challenges it brings. To be truly effective, our virtual training sessions have been engineered from the ground up by our instructional design experts who understand intimately the fundamental difference of this type of learning experience.

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Decades of research and hands-on work with the world’s leading companies makes Bare Brilliance the first choice for the real world.