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Strive For Work-Life Integration, Not Balance | Fast Company

by Bare Brilliance

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Strive For Work-Life Integration, Not Balance – Stop trying to balance the mythical scales so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even. Instead, take these steps to integrate the two for greater happiness and control.


With everyone always talking about work-life balance it was very interesting to look at how I identify myself. On reflection I would, on most days, identify myself as a Dual-Focused role firmly balanced between a Manager and a Sister, Aunty and Daughter. However, I think if my family and friends were to answer this question they would indicate that I am a work-focused person as I am often thinking about new opportunities for our team, technologies, Clients in my day-to-day personal life and using tangible examples of the people who have motivated and guided me in my career. I have a colleague who is Other-Focused. She refers to herself as an artist and is very talented and really successful in the creative space of our business and successfully balances her passion with a Corporate career but with an underlying purpose.

Identifying how I analysed myself and objectively looking at how other people would analyse me including the sense of control led me to think about integrating. I love working in the Learning and Development space and looking for opportunities to grow and to help other people succeed and this translates for both personal and work life.

To integrate to me means to stop controlling the balance but to live in the moment!