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GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt Speaks At Economic Club Of Washington DC

The World’s Best Companies for Leadership

Which businesses most expect their employees to step up and lead, and best prepare them to do so? Those questions are tough to answer, of…

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The Neuroscience of Change: a conversation with Walter McFarland

Walter McFarland shares insights on the latest neuroscience research findings that inform how we lead organizational change. See on

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Managing Virtual Teams

More and more organisations are working across geographically disperse locations and with flexible work practices. Project teams working from a number of sites and home-based…

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Social Intranet Adoption

Social intranet user adoption: how to encourage usage in your organization – Intranet Blog – ThoughtFarmer

Understand the theoretical underpinnings of social intranet adoption and how they link to concrete adoption strategies. See on

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Cross Cultural Negotiations

I received a call from a client last week to ask for some support with his Sales Teams negotiations. The team were finding it really…

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