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A paradoxical curve of money and effort

Everyone tells themself a different story about money, but there’s no doubt at all that the story we tell ourselves changes our behavior. Consider this…

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Cross Cultural Negotiations

I received a call from a client last week to ask for some support with his Sales Teams negotiations. The team were finding it really…

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Multicultural teams

Managing Confrontation in Multicultural Teams

Everyone knows that a little confrontation from time to time is constructive, right? And the classic business literature confirms it. Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of…

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The Learning Factor wins another global award

We have just won another global award for quality, innovation, proven approach to BPO and global reach. Congratulations team! As part of Training Industry Inc’s…

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Leadership Traits of Todays Greatest CEOs

Leadership Traits of Today’s Greatest CEOs – Infographic

Via – Life in the Sharing Economy Leadership Traits of Today’s Greatest CEOs – Infographic Via A great infographic that displays the Leadership…

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