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The World in 2012 | The Economist

by Bare Brilliance

In the coming year the people who run the world will change—and so could the ideas, predicts John Micklethwait.

  • China – Changing the guard
  • Middle East and Africa – One year on: Most Arabs will edge towards democracy—but anti-modernisers will still stand in their way
  • Asia -Tiger traps:Asia’s seemingly relentless economic rise is still not inevitable
  • United States – Hopeless and changed: What a difference four years make
  • International – Hey, there’s still a world to run. Global leaders will be preoccupied by politics at home. That augurs ill for globalisation
  • Europe: Le choix: Hollande or Sarkozy – A close presidential election looms in France
  • Finance – Two views of the future: The markets will reveal which is right
  • Culture – Going for gold: London will have plenty of art, theatre and dance—and even a bit of competitive sport
  • Britain: The end of the phoney war -The real fight starts for the coalition government
  • The Americas – Latin America’s big tests: And a possible big change that would ripple round the region

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