The world's best business training. Online, with LIVE trainers.

What is Bare Brilliance?

Think next-generation business training solution. We deliver the world’s best business training. Online, with LIVE trainers.

Bare Brilliance smashes the boundaries of classroom teaching by bringing LIVE online business training right into your office or home. Learn online the same way you learn in person – from leading experts, in live classes, with face-to-face interaction, multimedia presentations, class discussions and more.

Join the thousands of business professionals who have all attended our award-winning business skills courses. Our method, which combines live classes with a mix of other engaging training tools,  ensures you are ready to use your new skills in the real business world immediately.

We give you an interactive classroom experience – ask questions, share with other participants, write on whiteboards and take surveys with real-life facilitators. Click here to watch a recorded live session.

And all you need to join is a computer, phone and internet connection. Learn from the gurus in virtual training and check out why our programs are so unique.

What does Bare Brilliance bring, specifically?

The most complete, innovative, engaging business-training platform on the planet. For you, our training programs give you the confidence and power to transform your career. For your business, improve the performance of your employees, managers, customers or partners anywhere in the world, by deploying a truly global next-generation training solution. All without the constraints and traditional costs associated with face-to-face training.

Certified, expert business trainers lead small groups of participants in real-time using virtual classrooms. Our programs focus on 2-way conversations, use of multimedia tools and virtual group work. Live classes are the core of your success with Bare Brilliance. You can join any of our public training programs and immediately engage with the others in the group.

After you attend your session, you can join our online social learning network which provides a simple way for members to share content, ask questions, get instant answers, and learn from each other. We give you fingertip-access to all the latest topic-related content to help you to continue to grow. Access videos, presentations, selling tools, documents and spreadsheets. You can even ask questions – and get answers…from each other. You’ll be swapping slides, tips, and ideas. Easily. In no time.

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What's so great about online, live training?

Our next–generation training solution enables you to improve your business skills in a flexible, interactive format. Fast track your career, without the inefficiencies of travel to and from training venues, being locked away in full-day training programs, high costs and other old-school tools. You will reach your full potential by learning the tips, tricks and tools from experienced business trainers. Organisations can achieve peak productivity – Fast. Companies, partners and customers can interact in new ways and forge much stronger relationships.

Why is Bare Brilliance a leader?

  • We’ve won global awards for our innovation and creativity, worked with the world’s leading companies and an unmatched record of delivering transformative business results. Read more.
  • Thousands of business executives around the world rely on our expert training to improve their business skills, serve their customers and stay ahead of their competitors. See what our customers are saying.
  • Our technology is way out in front and does things no other business training can do. Learn more.

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Bare Brilliance takes what you can do and helps you become more brilliant in every way. We are gurus in virtual trainingContact our consultants today to find out more.