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Our courses are all designed to help get you where you want to go – and do it quickly. Bare Brilliance delivers the edge you need in your line of business, with internationally recognised trainers to deliver world-class instruction, engaging content and interactive discussions.

Our course portfolio is designed and developed following Accelerated Learning principles. Using this proven learning  approach, we can ensure our training appeals to all learning styles, enhances our participant’s learning experience and  helps to achieve a better level of understanding by the end of the course.

What makes our programs unique

To be truly effective, virtual training has to be engineered from the ground up by instructional design experts who understand intimately the fundamental difference in this type of learning experience.

Successful web-based delivery requires specialised techniques and facilitation skills. Programs must harness the unique strengths of web-based teaching platforms as a tool for learning, collaboration and communication, and avoid the unique challenges it brings.

The experience of a Bare Brilliance live virtual training program is unlike any other. You benefit from highly skilled delivery teams, peer-to-peer collaboration, real-time interaction, multimedia content and a host of other strategies designed to engage you.

Leave the old way of training behind!

Smarter technology has opened up new ways to get things done. Technology helps us stay connected and access information and ideas from around the world. So why shouldn’t these innovations transform the way you learn?

Bare Brilliance Traditional Training
Program Location Attend live facilitator-led programs from the comfort of your own office or home. All you need is a computer, internet and a phone. You need to commute to and from the venue which increases your costs and wastes your precious time.
Program Content All programs have been specifically written by our expert instructional designers. Our team have written programs for some of the world's leading companies so you know you are getting the best quality available. All sessions are interactive, include videos, audio lessons, multimedia tools and of course they are facilitated by our expert business trainers. You remember the old world - books, printed materials, CDs and classroom instruction.
The World's Best Business Trainers Our trainers all have years of commercial business and training experience. They know exactly what you need to get the most out of your current or new job. Trainers qualifications can focus purely on training. They may not have had much hands-on practical experience in a business specific role.
Public Program Schedules All of your programs are available as public courses or your organisation can schedule customised courses at times that suit your group. Let your manager know about Bare Brilliance. Programs are usually offered at set times of the week and you need to fit into their schedule.
Short, Bite-Sized Sessions Learn the skills that you need just when you need them. You do not need to give up a whole day. All of our programs are broken into easy short sessions. Spend days locked away in a training room.
Affordable Our programs are affordable. You do not need thousands of dollars to attend the latest business training. Courses can be very expensive.
Flexible You can attend a session with attendees from around the globe. Or your organisation can schedule programs exclusively for your group. Program schedules are set and are rigid.

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Bare Brilliance takes what you can do and helps you become more brilliant in every way.  Contact our consultants today to find out more.